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Granny Smith, WA.

The Granny Smith mine is located approximately 20km south of the township of Laverton, Western Australia and has been operating since 1989. Due to an increase in the quantity of sulphide ore, a Tailings Retreatment plant was built to recover unleached sulphides from the leach tailings. Badenport was responsible for completing the civil works for the new plant.

Badenport's Scope:

Badenport's Scope included the following:

  • Installation of ground anchors to the Tailing Retreatment Building footings. 
  • Construction of Tower Mill Foundation. 
  • Construction of Tower Mill clean-out pit, ramp and sump including inbedded steelwork and longitudinal skid bars in wall and floor sections. 
  • Construction of Tailing Retreatment building foundations including floor slabs, aprons and bunded areas. 
  • Construction of pre-leach tank ring beams including structural fill.
Project Highlights:

Works were completed with existing Plant fully operational and restrictions on working areas.
Total quantity of concrete amounted to 300m3.