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Badenport has successfully completed projects in a variety of construction sectors and our staff have experience gained from over hundreds more.

WMC, Mt Keith.

This project was an expansion of the existing slimes and coarse sand processing plants of WMC's Mt Keith Mine Site. Badenport was responsible for completing the civil works for the expansion.

Badenport's Scope:

Badenport's scope included the following:

  • Demolition of existing slabs and footings for the slimes Module 2 and Course sands recovery plant. 
  • Installation of new footing, pedestals and slabs for the Slimes Module 2 and Coarse Sands recovery plant. 
  • Installation of Flotation Tanks Ring Beam. 
  • Backfilling and preparation of Flotation Tanks bases using structural fill.
Project Highlights:

Works completed with existing plant operation and severe access restrictions on working areas.
250m3 of concrete used in total.